The Tears of Katholanlowan

A face appear in a cloud of stars

“During the season of sunlight, when the unbroken cloud covering is parted, Theo, a young priest, is called out of the temple to investigate of a crime that takes him into dark secrets shrouded in the past of his own people. Tears of Katholanlowan deals with the struggle of discovery and allegiance in finding truth veiled in a hidden history.”

The Tears of Katholanlowan is a short novellette I wrote as a creative exercise and developed into an digital publication. The main purpose was to explore fiction what it means to be displaced and function ethically, when the truth is coloured by experience. What does justice and mercy look like in those circumstances?

This also gave me a reason to work with the epub and mobi digital format. I have been interested in the nexus between print and web for quite a while, attending the Print and ePublishing Conference (PepCon) for two years. It now feels like the digital print arena is in disarray and finding paying work — designing this kind of content — illusive.

You can find The Tears of Katholanlowan in the iBook Store and for the Kindle on Amazon U.S. or Amazon U.K..


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