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World Wide Web

In addition to print design I have been involved in the design and development of websites. This has included the technical aspects of aspects of wrangling CSS and HTML, but also the underly technologies often using PHP and MySQL. Not in anyway an expert in programming, wrangling with web-related technology scratches some kind of itch.

The home page of the website showing Monet’s water liliest

The static site I designed for the Monet in the 20th century exhibition at the Royal Academy turned out to be extremely popular, causing server overload and crashing on a number of occasions, a tribute to Monet’s ability rather than my own.

A web page with strange logo

A small website built on Wordpress that promotes a friend’s workshops and creative reuse of lingerie for women experiencing breast cancer.

Typical Wordpress site

Society for Cognitive Studies of the Moving Image needed a website for social interaction and managing membership. This was built on Wordpress.

Simply in Season website
Simply in Season

A website was needed to collect recipes and to distribute to the testers and the editor of a cookbook centred around recipes through the seasons. Custom built it in PHP with a MySQL database, there was a steep learning curve and a satisfying result. This later morphed into a site to promote the cookbook and featured a selection of the the recipes featured in the book and a guide to seasonal ingredients.

A website

At the risk of creating an ouroboros, I have added this website. It is built on top of Grav, an open source flat-file CMS that uses Markdown. Learn more here.