Frederick Yocum

Design |Art | Education

Qualification Summary

  • Endlessly curious, fully committed
  • Able to realize the visual content of a story
  • Honest and hardworking

Design Experience

Freelance Graphic Designer

  • Print and Web
  • Akron, Pa. U.S.A.
  • Conceptualizing, designing, maybe even illustrating, and co-ordinating print and digital pieces. Happy to work on existing pieces that need an update, parts of larger projects or new pieces. Working from home, at this point I am aiming to mainly be a Man Friday for other design teams to help them keep up.

Mennonite Central Committee

  • Photography Coordinator (part-time)
  • Akron, Pa. U.S.
  • An administrative, technical and creative position overseeing the production, collection and availability of photographic materials across the MCC system.
    • Photo editing, participating in content planning and collaboration
    • Reporting on new photos, planning for use of photos in ongoing and new ways
    • Managing guidelines and standards for photo use
    • Administering the Digital Asset Management system, developing its as a tool for gathering and distributing photographs across the MCC system

Mennonite Central Committee

  • Print and Web Designer
  • Akron, Pa. U.S.
  • Art directing and designing A Common Place, MCC’s quarterly magazine, annual report, leafets posters, etc. as well as taking the lead in shaping the organizations visual identity in the United States and working with my counterparts across the MCC system.
    • Conceptualizing and designing magazine, annual report, leaflets, posters, audio-visual support materials and short periodicals for offset and digital press
    • Conceptualizing and designing Web pages and sites, using graphic tools and code
    • Designing and art directing visual identities

School of Computing Science, Middlesex University

  • Print and Web Designer
  • London, U.K.
  • At Middlesex University I provided inhouse design services to the School of Computing Science, liasing with the university print and online services.
    • Designing Web pages and sites
    • Designing, illustrating and co-ordinating printed materials

Graphic Design Freelance

  • Print and Web
  • London, U.K.
  • I worked chiefly with small nonprofits usually with few resources, limited budgets and boundless energy.
    • Designing and illustrating and co-ordinating print materials and Web sites
    • Clients included Middlesex University, Public Health Laboratory Service, Independent Adoption Service, Teesdale Trencherman, Leathams Larder, St Martin-in-the-Fields, Northampton University, Museum Documentation Association, Newham Health Authority, Voice for the Child in Care, Royal Academy of Fine Art

Fine Art

  • Exhibited
  • United States and United Kingdom
  • Full exhibition listing — John Moore’s Liverpool Exhibition (prize winner), Gallery Mostyn, Berkley Square Gallery, Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, Southwark Gallery, Woodmere Art Gallery, and in permanent collections in the U.K. and the U.S.

Design Experience | Education | Art

Education Short Courses

PePcon: The Print + ePublishing Conference
1–4 June 2015
Conference on InDesign, DPS, EPUB, and PDF, non-stop inspiration and education
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
PePcon: The Print + ePublishing Conference
15–18 June 2014
Conference on InDesign, DPS, EPUB, and PDF, non-stop inspiration and education
Chicago, Illinois
Advanced Colour Theory
22–12 June 2010
Dan Margulis, Advanced colour correction of photographs using PhotoShop, Sterling Ledet
Washington, D.C.
Colour Theory
22–12 May 2009
Dan Margulis, Colour correction of photographs using PhotoShop, Sterling Ledet
Washington, D.C.
Type and Image
15–18 Nov 2007
Franz Werner, Rhode Island School of Design
Providence, Ri.
15–18 Nov 2006
Web design training — Paul Boag, Andy Budd, Garret Dimon, Brian Fling. Rhodes Gibson, Jeremy Keith, Nate Koechly, Cameron Moll and others
Orlando, Fl.
Leadership in paper, print
11 Oct 2006
Conference focussing on environmentally sound print design and the environment production
Philadelphia, Pa.
Event Apart
5 Feb 2005
Web design training — Jeffrey Zeldman, Eric Meyer and Jason Santa Maria
Philadelphia, Pa.
Jan 2005
Chris Pye, Three days of one-on-one training in letter-carving in wood
The Brand Gap
7 Apr 2005
Training on brand — Marty Neumeier & Josh Levine
Rochester, NY.
Presenting Data and Information
25 Jul 2002
Edward Tufte,Information presentation training
Philadelphia, Pa.
MCC Arts learning tour
25 Jul 1999
Two-week guided tour to Cuba and Guatemala, meeting with artists
Appreciation of Printing Processes
London College of Printing and Distributive Trades,
London, U.K.


Fine Art apprenticeship
Ben Long
Florence, Italy
A course in fresco painting
Glen Dale Springs, Pa. U.S.
Fine Art apprenticeship
Nelson Shenks, Three-months, New Hope, Pa. U.S.
Heatherley School of Art
London, U.K
Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art
Philadelphia, Pa. U.S.

Design Experience | Education | Art

Fine Art

Woodmere Art Museum, Solo exhibition, Philadelphia, Pa. U.S.
The John Moores Liverpool Exhibition. Prizewinner, Liverpool, U.K.
Pennsylvania Academy Fellowship Annual Philadelphia,U.S.
Gallery Mostyn, Ways of Telling, Llandudno, Wales
Air Gallery, Critics Space, London, U.K.
Berkley Square Gallery,New Realists, London U.K.
Open Studios, Britannia Works, London, U.K.
Spectator / Adam and Company Painting Competition Special Commendation, London, U.K.
Open Studios, Britannia Works, London, U.K.
The Spirit of London Painting Competition.
Two-man exhibition, Southwark Gallery.
Royal Academy Summer Exhibition London, U.K.
Chelmsford and Essex Museum, Solo exhibition, Chelmsford, U.K.
20th Century Gallery, Group Exhibition, London, U.K.
Royal Academy Summer Exhibition London, U.K.
Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, Fellowship Annual, Philadelphia, U.S.A
Participated in the Blue Ridge Fresco Project and Exhibition. North Carolina, U.S.A