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Two Pages

Print has a singular advantage over digital media when it comes to dimensionality. A easily portable size that can fit on a book shelf or a hand bag can expand, with the flick of a page, into a lapful of detail.

A page dominated by a photograph of a boy lying on a table and two life-sized cluster bombs

The impact of a large photograph of a boy who had lost his leg to a cluster bomb next to photographs of the bombs at actual size would be difficult to achieve on a phone or tablet.

A women standing in a room
Deborah Awut

A two page spread allowed us to run a three-quarters life-size photograph of Deborah Awut, a nurse at healthcare unit in the Sudan in an article about the return of refugees.

A young women walks down a stairs carrying books

An article about education around the world, started with a two page spread of a young Indian women.

Women cluster around a stand pipe drawing water

A photograph of women filling water cans by hand seemed a good way to start the article about how access to water continues to be a struggle in rural Mozambique .

A double page spread with five images assembled with text on the page.
Cambodia Spread

A double page spread celebrates life in the village of Angkearhdei, Cambodia where MCC supported work at the Angkearhdei Primary School.

A group of women bend to fill containers at edge of a watering hole
Ndoro Caia

Community members in Ndoro Caia district of Mozambique, make use of an often precious commodity from a drilled well. The image part of a story about providing clean water.