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Signs and Symbols

Communicating an idea in the simplified form of a few shapes and colours is one of the harder tasks a graphic designer may face.

World Trade Center towers dissolving into lines
World Trade Center

This was an icon for a campaign by the MCC Washington Office to commemorate the five-year anniversary of the destruction of the World Trade Center in New York.

A hand drawn logo

When the Perdita Project, a guide to over 400 handwritten manuscripts compiled by women in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries needed a logo using handwriting from the period as the basis seemed logical.

A cluster of options with one highlighted

How do you describe “relief”? Helping people physically recover from some form of physical catastrophe. The icon is blue was chosen.

A page of drawings of symbols
Water and Food

What best describes access to water and access to food? This was what I was thinking about on this page of drawings.

Two logos encorporating the MCC logot

The thrift and used book shops who raise money for the work of MCC needed a logo. It was important to emphasize the link between MCC and the act of shopping. Surrounding the MCC logo with a book or a bag seemed to be what was needed. Sign makers and shop owners desperately wanted to put the logo in the centre of the bag shape but that just wouldn't be right. When another designer was given the task of refreshing the brand system, the logo ended up in the middle of the bag, they all breathed a sigh of collective relief.

A cluster of symbols mostly trees

Gifted with the responsibility of designing a wayfinding system where most of the meeting rooms were given the name of a tree, I decided to add pictograms to make rooms more memorable. Some of the rooms weren’t “trees,” and required different images, so much for symmetry . . . .

A scribbled lightbulb

In a previous life in the UK, my freelance graphic design business was fronted by a logo of a light bulb.